Thursday, July 30, 2009

History of Diamonds

In the video, museum mineralogist Andy navy discusses the history of diamonds. The talk starts with the days of the Romans while diamonds were placed in jewellery without still being cut and next looks at all of the different ways in which diamonds were used around the sphere over the years thereafter. The meeting finally finishes in the modern day where diamonds are not just for ornamentation but also industry.

Diamonds occurring obviously in 3 different types of rock, from Namaqualand, South Africa and Siberia:

Diamonds might be dazzling, but there's more to them than their appearance. They are some of the oldest crystals on Earth moreover there are diamonds in space that are even older. Discover what diamonds can reveal regarding our solar system and how their amazing natural properties are put to use.

Diamond is created in huge pressure and heat, deep within the earth:

Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that form below crushing pressures and strong heat. They mostly form in the Earth's layer, the layer beneath the crust or surface layer, at a depth of about 150km.

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