Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ten reasons why you should desire diamonds for your jewelry

  • Diamonds are and always will be best compared to all other jewelry. Their best quality and their rarity build them unique pieces of jewelry, unparalleled in beauty, as well as strength and toughness.

  • Diamonds actually do last eternally. In fact this forever is few millions years but still from our point of view such lifetime in truth looks like an eternity.

  • Diamonds have extended history, and very rich custom. It's actually classic at its very top, well in terms of jewelry that is.

  • Diamonds create outstanding investment since their value in most cases raise after time, meaning that they're not only excellent from aesthetic but also from ecological point of vision.

  • Diamonds polish big time, and girls love glittery stuff. Shine adds the further measurement to your jewelry, and diamonds to put it just rule when it comes to shine.

  • It is very hard to obliterate diamonds; in fact diamonds can be only injured by other diamonds which makes their protection a quite easy task. Still it is sensible to clean your diamond jewelry from time to time.

  • Enormous selection and custom complete diamond jewelry. Variety of different diamonds to decide from, all you need to identify is what you want, and of course have sufficient money to pay the price for your collection.

  • Diamonds are forever fashionable. Standard white diamonds are always the most well-liked choice, so essentially you can't go wrong with them.

  • Diamonds are no longer obtainable just for rich people, of course there are a number of pieces of diamond jewelry that cost a real chance but "regular looking diamond engagement ring" has suitable price to most "average earning people". Particularly lab shaped diamonds that cost considerably less than usual diamonds, and have the same if not the improved properties.

  • Diamonds are ideal gifts. No matter what the time you can not go incorrect with diamonds. After all they are the true best.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2.11 Carat Mariela2 Diamond 18Karat White Gold Engagement Ring

This visually stirring diamond engagement ring is excellence at its finest. The centerpiece of this thinly crafted ring is a dazzling round brilliant cut diamond with a weight of 1.01 carats. This outstanding diamond has clarity of Si1 with a color grade of G and is bezel set reddening into the setting. This not only firmly sets your prized possession, but also protects it through every day wear. Surrounding the center stone, on the bezel are shining round cut diamonds. The side round diamonds than continues behind the side profile of the center structure, onto the characteristic circles, and lastly down the shank. These side diamonds have a total mutual weight of 1.10 carats. The side diamonds are all very fine cut and diversity in clarity from Vs1-Vs2 with a color grade ranging from G-H. The sculptured design of this wonderful piece will bring abundance of positive comments from everyone. This unique and inspirational piece measures 10mm wide at its widest point and is complete of 18kt. white gold with an entirety metal weight of 5.24 grams.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pink Diamond Earrings

Pink is most likely the most female color of them all so it's actually no surprise that pink diamond earrings are forever popular choice among girls.

Similar to all the other colored stones pink diamonds are always extremely high in demand, and being high in demand sense these babies will not come up to cheap in most cases, particularly if you choose to go for natural pink diamonds that are very rare, and therefore very luxurious.

Several natural pink diamonds have been established in Argyle mine in Australia, while some pink diamonds in the marker also invent from Africa and Brazil. Pink diamond rings are also fairly popular but not quite as well-liked as pink diamond earrings that are always high in insist.

Pink diamond earrings are recommended to girls that are full of self-assurance, proud of their femaleness, and not frightened to add shine of class to their daily look. With pink diamond earrings one obsession is sure, that is that you won't get ignored as they are sure to add the highlight to your face.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Conflict Diamonds

As a result of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, diamonds are among the most monitored and audited of any natural resource in the world. This system has proven to be an essential and effective tool in combating the scourge of conflict diamonds

The Kimberley Process was launched in 2003 to control and monitor the trade in rough diamonds. In just three years, the international community has made remarkable strides to certify the $30 billion annual international rough diamond trade by creating a documentary record of rough diamonds from mine to polishing. Rough diamonds must be shipped in sealed containers and exported with a Kimberley Process Certificate which certifies that the diamonds are conflict free.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What are the techniques to find the diamond is real or fake

Here are some techniques that are used to identify that the diamonds are fake or real one.

Transparency Test

In this transparency test, the stone is located up-side down on a paper with written something. If the characters appear to be readable then you can be sure that the diamond is fake one, as written material cannot be read means the diamond is real one.

Fog Test

Blow a little air on the stone from your mouth to fog it. If the fog lives on the stone, it means the stone is not original diamond. Heat gets detached fast on real diamonds resulting in fascinating the fog within no time.

Ultraviolet test

When a real diamond is held below ultraviolet light, it produces blue colored light. The same goes for it when held below black color. The difficulty of this technique is that along with fake diamonds, high class diamonds also do not produce the future blue colored light.

Reflection Test

A real diamond always reproduces shades of the color grey and white and does not produce rainbow reflections. These rainbow reflections can be seen from fake diamonds or real but small excellence diamonds.


Real diamond sparkles from all sides, no matter which point of view it is view from, whereas in fake diamonds the shine is seen from the peak only and looks dull from all the other side angles.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diamond Rates head up again

Retail diamond values in the second half of 2008 qualified one of the main decreases in decades and followed by comparatively no price changes up or downward in 2009. Though, rough diamond rates in 2009 were up by regarding 15% and they have increased that much by now in 2010. As a result, there is major pressure on refined diamond prices to move up.

With the U.S. financial system star to recover and the U.S. consumers classically purchasing concerning half the world’s diamonds and diamond jewelry, retail rates are moving up.

By the ending of January 2010, there was an industry wide price increase for diamonds over 3.0 carat weight with price increases series from 1.5% to 3.5% depending on carat weight, color and clearness of the diamond. In middle of the February, one more industry wide price increase occurred for round diamonds in the 1.00 to 1.99 carat range with at least H color and VS2 clearness and had increases in the 1.0% to 5.0% range depending on carat weight, color, and clarity of the diamond.

It is only a material of time before we see cost increases for fancy shaped diamonds less than 3.0 carats and for round diamonds in the 2.0 to 2.99 carat weight variety.

These early year increases will not be the last increases as projections are for elegant diamond prices to increase by double-digits for 2010. For diamond consumers, this means that the top prices are leaving to be had now quite than later this year or in the predictable future.