Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What are the techniques to find the diamond is real or fake

Here are some techniques that are used to identify that the diamonds are fake or real one.

Transparency Test

In this transparency test, the stone is located up-side down on a paper with written something. If the characters appear to be readable then you can be sure that the diamond is fake one, as written material cannot be read means the diamond is real one.

Fog Test

Blow a little air on the stone from your mouth to fog it. If the fog lives on the stone, it means the stone is not original diamond. Heat gets detached fast on real diamonds resulting in fascinating the fog within no time.

Ultraviolet test

When a real diamond is held below ultraviolet light, it produces blue colored light. The same goes for it when held below black color. The difficulty of this technique is that along with fake diamonds, high class diamonds also do not produce the future blue colored light.

Reflection Test

A real diamond always reproduces shades of the color grey and white and does not produce rainbow reflections. These rainbow reflections can be seen from fake diamonds or real but small excellence diamonds.


Real diamond sparkles from all sides, no matter which point of view it is view from, whereas in fake diamonds the shine is seen from the peak only and looks dull from all the other side angles.

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