Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Women's Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are usually exchanged by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremonial to indicate their commitment to each other. As some wedding ring styles are meant to be damaged on the same finger as the engagement ring as a couple, other styles can stand only on a different finger. Usual wedding rings are made exclusively of metal and match nicely with an extensive range of engagement rings. More complicated wedding bands are set with diamonds or a mixture of diamonds and gemstones. These diamond bands are typically specifically designed to match the bride's engagement ring style. Occasionally referred to as "eternity bands", diamond wedding rings are also given as anniversary gifts and offer a dramatic visual impact when worn.

High quality diamond bands, like the ones offered at brightness, are set with diamonds of at least H color and SI clearness for optimum sparkle and long life. Though wedding rings are now being sold in a plethora of metals such as stainless steel, silver, and titanium, Brilliance sells wedding ring made of platinum, palladium, and gold, the precious metals most optional for fine jewelry. As well, many of our all-metal wedding bands are cast as one piece with no closure. This method gives the most toughness and defense for your ring against daily wear.

Brides often become emotionally involved to their wedding ring because of its over-romantic value and significance. So, it is significant to choose a wedding ring that offers typical style and longevity. The jewelry experts at Brilliance can help you discover the perfect wedding ring and present creative ways to match your engagement ring style with a matching wedding ring. Our jewelers can also modify your wedding ring by adding up a particular finish or by etching a personalized message on the inside of the ring.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding Your Ring Size

1. Cut a narrow piece of paper or a piece of string. The paper should be no wider than 3/4" and at slightest 4 inches long.

2. Cover the paper or string approximately the base of the finger to be sized.

3. Mark the cord or paper wherever it completes s the circle. It should not be too tight, nor should it slip off simply.

4. Calculate the length of the paper or string. Estimate from the starting to the mark with a ruler or tape measure.

5. Locate the measurement on the chart to the following to find the matching ring size.

6. If else all fails, go to a shop jeweler (or any of good reputation jewelry department) and have them size your finger for you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamond set, and only a handful have still conventional the grade of Fancy Red, sense that they are pure red with no altering color. Though, there live Brownish Red, Pinkish Red, and Purplish Red diamonds, but usually, these stones are uncommon, and their prices reproduce their shortage on the mark.

Red diamonds can come into view in the following hue combinations:

Fancy Red Diamond

Fancy Purplish Red

Fancy Brownish Diamond

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart Diamonds

Heart diamonds are the eventual present for Valentine’s Day. A shining heart shaped diamond helps you to convey your love for your particular someone with elegance, stylishness and romance.

Even if they are hard to find, because of their rising popularity, retailers and manufacturers are charitable them more importance and annoying to transport them in large numbers.

These fancy-cut diamonds disclose the bow-tie shadow effect even though high quality stones show this effect plainly. They classically contain 59 facets.

When fixed in prong setting they look more wonderful than in any other jewelry set, since the beauty of the shape gets noticed simply with this setting. Typically five prongs would be necessary to grip the stone. Two prongs will grip the lobes, another two to grip the sides and a V-shaped prong holding its sharp tip.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds
is a type of fancy diamond and is one of the precious and rarest colored diamonds. Because of its infrequency, its price is compared to other colored and neutral diamonds.

They are obtainable in different shades of the color pink: Brownish pink, Purplish Pink, Pink Champagne, Orange Pink and a lot of more. Similar to other colored diamonds and gemstones, the color quality of pink diamonds is judged based upon the color strength and constancy across the diamond. More strong and steady it is more expensive will the diamond be. But it should also be noted that yet lighter shades of pink diamonds are pricey because of their rarity.

Engagement rings with pink diamonds have become very popular because Jenifer Lopez was known a pink diamond engagement ring. Also, these diamonds have been the preferred of many celebrities and tendency setters because they carry a unique factor into the jewelry.

They are available in a variety of styles and settings. But if the preferred design is not available with the seller, then they would always welcome a pink colored loose diamonds and a location to create a custom jewelry with this uncommon diamond. They are moreover valued when set into white gold or platinum metal, as these metals improve their beauty.