Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds
is a type of fancy diamond and is one of the precious and rarest colored diamonds. Because of its infrequency, its price is compared to other colored and neutral diamonds.

They are obtainable in different shades of the color pink: Brownish pink, Purplish Pink, Pink Champagne, Orange Pink and a lot of more. Similar to other colored diamonds and gemstones, the color quality of pink diamonds is judged based upon the color strength and constancy across the diamond. More strong and steady it is more expensive will the diamond be. But it should also be noted that yet lighter shades of pink diamonds are pricey because of their rarity.

Engagement rings with pink diamonds have become very popular because Jenifer Lopez was known a pink diamond engagement ring. Also, these diamonds have been the preferred of many celebrities and tendency setters because they carry a unique factor into the jewelry.

They are available in a variety of styles and settings. But if the preferred design is not available with the seller, then they would always welcome a pink colored loose diamonds and a location to create a custom jewelry with this uncommon diamond. They are moreover valued when set into white gold or platinum metal, as these metals improve their beauty.

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