Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advice on How to Protect Jewelry

Try to keep your gold jewelry or Diamond jewelry or any other from scratches, sharp blows, insensitive chemicals, tremendous temperatures and sunlight.

Here are few advices regarding how to maintain your jewelry in good condition:

* Store jewelry disjointedly so it does not scratch to other jewelry.
* When doing home tasks such as gardening and cleaning, at that time, remove rings.
* After washing or bathing and applying any makeup or hair spray, put your jewelry.
* Never put on jewelry whereas swimming in a swimming pool. The chlorine can cause spoil to various gemstones and gold.
* Please avoid storing your jewelry after that to a heating vent, window sill or on a car's dashboard. Store your jewelry away from sunlight because the sun rays may fade your gemstones
* Don’t store your pearls in plastic bags.
* The majority jewelers will restring necklaces or rearrange stones
* Sterling silver will shine up by rubbing or polishing it with a spongy cotton cloth.
* Store silver in plastic bags with an interlocking seal to build it less flat to stain.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black jewelry in fashion

Black could be the latest trendy fashion in this holiday season. According to fashion cognizant, wearing black clothes can build you slim and wearing black jewelry is the shiniest. And still black jewelry can suit to any occasions. You can decide fashion accessory from rings to necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, glitzy add-ons, the darker, and the simpler and more traditional accessories.

Going black is the leave days in style! Be ready to shine your way during the holidays? And wearing Black is the fashion in the style world!

Black bling is huge in the shape of black titanium or tungsten engagement ring with a big, fat carbonado. "Carbonado" or "black diamonds" is a luxury baubles and a hot product since their detection in Brazil.

With the new trend of black being the color of selection among several people, jewelry designers have been featuring black diamonds and black titanium as hottest trend of jewelry. Black does go with all and as it would with a fancy New Years dress!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Certain diamonds produce a slight blue glow when bare to ultraviolet rays. This interesting fact is called fluorescence. Many light basis including the sun, glowing office lights, and "black" lights produce ultraviolet rays. In usual lighting situation, fluorescence cannot be seen.

EGL USA specifies the power of fluorescence on its diamond certificates for identification purposes. The look of fluorescence in diamonds exposed to strong ultraviolet lamps ranges from extremely faint (hardly perceptible) to very strong (a neon-blue burn). Some diamonds illustrate no fluorescence at all.

A scientific industry learns showed that, with little exceptions, fluorescence in diamonds involves neither price nor look. In case, diamonds with incredibly strong fluorescence and a particular arrangement of clearness characteristics may look a little "cloudy," but consumers hardly ever encounter such diamonds. Fluorescence may also have a slightly positive power on the appearance of convinced off-colored diamonds, thus making them better-looking to own

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Should You Know While Buying An Antique Diamond Ring

First of all, before you buy an antique diamond ring as a wedding rings or engagement rings, here are few of things you consider:

1. Make sure that the antique diamond ring is efficiently appraised previous to your pay for it. By doing this, you can be certain that all of its gems are genuine. You can also decide if the ring has been repaired or if it needs maintenance in case there are mineral chips or cracks.

2. Look for a snap with a seal or written and signed understanding to identify when the ring was authentic.

3. In case the antique diamond ring needs a mend, get a predictable cost of previous to proceeding.

4. Be flexible. There are gemstones and designs other citizens think as unsuccessful. If you're not into these legends, you might desire to think these antique diamond rings since they might be less luxurious than others.

5. Make sure that you examine and look at closely the state of the antique engagement ring. Get note of the prongs investment the center diamond and the stem of the ring.

6. Make some investigate on 10X jeweler's loupe.

7. Purchase the antique diamond ring from a highly regarded jeweler or Diamond jewelry store.

8. Make sure that all about the antique wedding ring is on paper on receipts, assessments, and guarantees.

9. Identify if the stone is a real diamond or if it is a cubic zirconia, moissanite or other artificial substance.

10. If possible, get an official document from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to make sure the genuineness of your very old diamond ring.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diamond Carat Weight

Carat weight is the diamond weight calculated in carats. One carat is separated into 100 points, so that a diamond of 75 points (carat) weighs 0.75 carats. Carat weight is the clearest factor in determining the value of a diamond. But two diamonds of equal carat weights can have extremely different prices, depending on their excellence. Diamonds of high worth can be found in all size ranges.

The scale over depicts the carat weights and diameter sizes of round shape diamonds. Other shape of diamonds will differ. For example, whereas a 1 carat round shape diamond is 6.5mm on average, a 1 carat princess shape diamond is frequently 5.5mm instead.

Since diamonds are calculated by carat weight, and not measured by size, two diamonds of the equal weight could have different sizes. Why? If a diamond is cut too low it will have a better diameter but a slighter depth. Similarly, if a diamond is cut too bottomless (or bottom heavy) it will have a lesser diameter and thus emerge smaller when viewed from the top.