Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Certain diamonds produce a slight blue glow when bare to ultraviolet rays. This interesting fact is called fluorescence. Many light basis including the sun, glowing office lights, and "black" lights produce ultraviolet rays. In usual lighting situation, fluorescence cannot be seen.

EGL USA specifies the power of fluorescence on its diamond certificates for identification purposes. The look of fluorescence in diamonds exposed to strong ultraviolet lamps ranges from extremely faint (hardly perceptible) to very strong (a neon-blue burn). Some diamonds illustrate no fluorescence at all.

A scientific industry learns showed that, with little exceptions, fluorescence in diamonds involves neither price nor look. In case, diamonds with incredibly strong fluorescence and a particular arrangement of clearness characteristics may look a little "cloudy," but consumers hardly ever encounter such diamonds. Fluorescence may also have a slightly positive power on the appearance of convinced off-colored diamonds, thus making them better-looking to own

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