Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buying a Diamond in 2009 Engagement Trends:

Customers are focused on the economical atmosphere the market has generated. Of course size is a thing to most but quality is still absolute. Education of a diamond purchase is clearly on the increase. Knowledge of the four c's is the initial point detail from the origin of the stone to the culet gap is determinate factors in the purchase. Not only are customers learning about diamonds metals are being discussed as well. White platinum which is the more in fashion but expensive choice in metal for engagement rings can now be replaced by choice metals which are a fraction of its cost. White gold can replace white platinum and are about 40 percent lesser in terms of cost. Palladium which is a metal that is similar to platinum can also be worn and is priced about 70% lower than platinum.

How the diamond is place on the ring is also changing in 2009. More and more people are shying gone from the split setting and are choosing more engagement rings to have diamonds that are set in a semi-bezel method into the ring band. The semi-bezel sets will give added hold to the diamond to prevent its loss brought regarding by an active lifestyle. Another recession-friendly trend is the use of the stress setting to hold the diamond in place. Pressure settings have been in survival since the mid 1900s but the technique has greatly enhanced so that it holds the diamond more securely than the conventional pronged setting. Tension setting also allows lighter to pass during the diamond making the engagement ring produce more sparkle.

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