Monday, July 27, 2009

Certified Diamonds- A Brief direct

Certified diamonds are polished diamonds to have been graded uncounted within one of several gemological laboratories. These diamonds contain and looked at by a capable specialist to determine a variety of factors, each one exact to that particular diamond. These information include such information as the weight, dimensions, colour and purity of the diamond. The diamond shape, the proportions, the finish, the cut, and the presence of fluorescence are amongst these particulars.

It is probable to have any size of diamond certified, but it becomes less cost effective to have smaller diamonds under quarter of a carat certified. Now the cost of the certificate would be a larger proportion of the diamond cost. It is extremely important to purchase your diamond starting a reputable source and know a little about the details that appear on the certificate. The cut of diamond shape for example. This can be choice enormously. A diamond that has a fair cut grade will be less luxurious than a diamond that has a very good cut grade. If you want a diamond that has excellent proportions stop and is normally a very high color and clarity of diamond, expect to pay a premium for being a better diamond. On the additional hand, a greater discount will be offered on diamonds that do not read so well on the certificate.

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