Friday, August 21, 2009

Shapes of Diamonds

Round Brilliant
Round diamonds are the most well-liked of all the shapes, possibly because their circular proportions display the most "fire" and reflect more light back to the observer than any other shape. Round diamonds require that more rough be removed through cutting and polishing than with other shapes. The combined popularity of round diamonds and the important weight loss during cutting are the two main causal factors to the relatively higher price of these stones.

The Princess cut is a square cut with sharp ends. It has extremely good fire and a high degree of brilliance. The princess cut utilizes most of the unique shape of the rough diamond and the weight loss from cutting is low. As a consequence, its price is typically more attractive than a comparative round cut with the same weight.

Emerald cuts
Emerald cuts are smooth and stylish. The Emerald cut is rectangular by means of cut corners. It is a step cut - its facets being broad with flat planes like the steps of a stair. Higher quality Emerald cuts are favored because its cut makes inclusions and lower color grades more obvious than with other cuts. The emerald cut diamond can be totally stunning. Because of its long lines, it tends to be less burning than a "round brilliant" cut, but it also tends to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light.

The Marquise cut is boat shaped and is a difference of the round brilliant cut diamond. Marquise cuts are often chosen by women who wish to show an independence of style. Its elongated form can make the illusion of longer, narrower fingers.

This is a customized or combination cut - a brilliant cut square or rectangle shaped diamond with clipped-off corners similar to the emerald cut. It melds the stylishness of the emerald cut diamond with the brilliance and sparkle of the round diamond.

The Pear cut is a tear-drop shape and is a disparity of the round brilliant cut diamond. This attractive diamond is also very well-suited to pendants and earrings. Lots of the largest stones ever discovered have been cut and faceted into wonderful pear-shapes.

Heart shape
The ultimate symbol of love, the romantic Heart shape is a difference of the round brilliant cut diamond. This ultimate symbol of romance is basically a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. The ability of the cutter determines the beauty of the cut. Appear for a stone with a yet shape and a well-defined outline.

The Oval cut is egg-shaped in shape and is a variation of the round brilliant cut diamond. The oval shaped diamond gives a pleasing delusion of length to the finger and hand, and is well-liked among women with small hands or short fingers. It can also emphasize long, slender fingers.

The Asscher cut is an alternative of the emerald cut and provides a uniquely regal and elegant look to its wearer. Its art-deco styling combines old-world charm with contemporary cutting and faceting techniques to create a dazzling example of brilliance.

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