Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are frequently seen as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, but for many men they also bring anxiety and fear. How do you know you’re receiving the best deal? What fashion ring should you get? Can you belief the diamond you’re getting is really the quality the jeweler says it is?

Quick Tips:

1) Never purchase the ring and the diamond together.

While there is nothing wrong with trade the diamond and the ring from the same jeweler, don’t make the mistake of overpaying for the diamond or the ring individually by not understanding of what every cost on their own and doing comparison shopping.

2) Always need a GIA or AGS lab report for your diamond.

While most jewelers are honest, some unluckily are not; some will knowingly sell diamonds that they know are inexactly graded. These diamonds come from lesser tier labs such as EGL, IGI, etc. Don’t let them otherwise convince you that the stone they are selling is huge diamond at a rock bottom price. While it may be accurate some lower tier labs do grade exactly from time to time, the rarest and most exclusive gems are only traded in confidence by jewelers when they are accompanied by a GIA or AGS grading report.

3) There is no such as fixation as a diamond wholesaler / retailer.

Jewelers also sell wholesale or retail, not both. In fact it is illegal and a misleading business practice for a jeweler to assert to sell both.

While is true that margins differ from dealer to dealer, it’s amazing how many consumers think they can buy diamonds at “wholesale” prices or below. Diamonds are a commodity and while the occasional deal may surface every once and while when a variety of retailers are compared, diamond buyers will always transaction with a diamond retailer.

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