Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kimberley Diamond

The Kimberley Diamond, named after the Kimberley Mine in South Africa, is one of the most far-famed emerald-cut diamonds in the world.

Before the Kimberley Diamond was cut, it weighed about 490-carats and had the color of sparkling wine. In the year 1921, the rough diamond was cut to 70 carats and in 1958 the Kimberley Diamond was re- cut into the current emerald shape and measured about 55.09 carats. The yellow colored diamond with its beautiful shape has been exhibited in different places and finally an undisclosed collector from Texas bought it in 1971.

The Kimberley Diamond has become famous because of its emerald cut. This emerald cut was initially known as ‘step cut’ and was perfectly suited for emeralds, hence the name emerald cut. The emerald cut consists of 58 facets, 8 girdles, 25 crowns and 25 pavilions. The shapes can vary from squares to rectangles. Later this emerald cut was used while shaping hard stones and so it was also applied in case of the diamonds.

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