Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue diamond engagement rings facts

Colored diamonds like blue diamonds have become more and more popular in the 90s and they have maintained their fame up to these days mostly because of celebrities that are location up different trends in jewelry selection. As natural blue diamonds are rare they are also very luxurious, and blue diamond engagement rings are among the most exclusive options when buying diamond engagement ring, if not of course you go for some diamond imitation or choose to choose some lab created diamond.

When it comes to price of a natural blue diamonds then get ready you to spend a real fortune because (natural) blue diamond engagement rings cost in standard 10 to 50 times more than their white counterparts, and are therefore actually intended for people with the uppermost financial power. Like with many other colored diamonds infrequency and high demand result in very high price that only few people are prepared to pay.

Diamond engagement rings with deep blue color are surely amongst the most attractive diamond engagement rings but only few fortunate ladies have the freedom to wear these valuable stones while other can only dream of it or they need to be content with some simulation.

Blue colored diamond engagement rings also make very good asset, since natural blue diamonds are very rare, and in high demand they keep (and even increase) their value over time compared to white diamonds that in most cases lose their value as soon they get out of the diamond jewelry store.

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