Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ideal Cut Diamond variations AGS Ideal 0 vs. GIA Excellent vs. Hearts & Arrows

In spite of all of the variety of monikers used to describe the ideal cut diamonds that we sell such as GIA Excellent, AGS Ideal 0, and Hearts & Arrows, the visual performance is mainly dictated by the proportions and the precision of craftsmanship that we insist upon and not the lab which graded the diamond nor the absence or presence of a model of hearts and arrows.

A few years before an independent gemological laboratory determined that the average light return of a round brilliant cut diamond with AGS-4 Good proportions was almost 70% while the average light return for diamond with an overall cut rating of AGS Ideal 0 was in the range of 96 – 98% depending on the accuracy of facet alignment and the mixture of crown and pavilion angle.

Most people are able to separate ideal cut diamonds from non-ideal cut counterparts from a perspective of illustration performance because the ideal cut diamonds just sparkle more. Most people however would be considerably challenged to differentiate between zero ideal cut diamonds of similar carat weight, color and clarity in spite of whether those diamonds were graded as GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal 0 and whether they exhibited a model of Hearts & Arrows or not.

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