Thursday, June 18, 2009

Traditional Indian - Gold Bangles

Fashions in ornaments have undergone a great change in recent years, ornaments are made artistically and having less weight. The innate crave of the female heart for ornaments continues in despite social, economic and political and women continue to be zealous about ornaments.

Investment in the form of , ornaments is considered as unproductive investment yielding no returns. Such a change in the attitude coupled with high price of gold, insecure economic condition and a change in the taste has led to a change in the pattern of ornaments used.

Ornaments are used chiefly by women and children. Men hardly use any things ornaments now-a-days. Formerly, a gold necklace called sakhali, goph or kantha, a pearl ear-ring called bhihbali, a fold wristlet called poci and angathis (finger-rings) were the chief ornaments for men. Then came buttons, links, tie-pins and wrist-watches of precious metals. These are also used rarely now-a-days. Orthodox Jains wear ear-rings, gold chains and angathis.

Women's ornaments show a large variety. In rural areas such a necklace is called dorale. She should also wear silver rings (called masolya) and golden rings (jodavis) on fingers of her feet and a nose-ring (nath).

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